My Mustang Boss 302 with Vossen Rims

My newly bought Mustang Boss 302 with a 5.0L, 444bhp V8 is classic both in term of style and performance. New 2013 model have minor detailing changes in it as compared to the 2012 model but these little changes are giving it a sleek look then previous one. I consider it as the most popular and affordable sports car around with super luxury finishing and performance. It’s the hot favorite one amongst the car enthusiasts. Engine up gradation makes it stronger and tougher. Body kits, the Boss, along with all Mustangs, it has received the tuner treatment near worldwide.

The thing that is more attractable and appealing to me is its CV5 Vossen Rims. Vossen rims are giving my Mustang Boss 302 a stand out look that will definitely make it a traffic stopper luxury vehicle. The size of vossen CV5 is 20×9 in the front, and 20×10.5 in the rear. That extra inch difference between front and rear ones will add more definition to the wheel providing a more aggressive stance on the road. The performance of the car will increase extensively. These elegant CV5 matte graphite finished rims are giving my Mustang Boss 302 a muscular look that is reflecting my taste and style.

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